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  1. Mitarashii

    titleNutella New bot for Critical Hit Discord Server!

    Guys, we have created a new bot that will be your good assistant when using Critical Hit! Location: It has a number of features: 1) /howtouse - you will get a guide for using Critical Hit. 2) /loader - you will receive a link to download our loader. 3) /level - you can check your level on the...
  2. Mitarashii

    titleFiresparkle CH is up to date and working!

    CH is updated with the latest version of OVERWATCH! Enjoy Clicking Heads. ;)
  3. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit - BSOD FIX

    Here you can find solutions to BSOD issue, that may occur while using Critical Hit. Didn't find a solution for your problem? Make a ticket on our forum and support staff will help you! The most reason cause BSOD is your Windows version: 1. CH does not support the version more than 20H2...
  4. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit (SPECIAL THREAD) - Forcing which server you want to play

    So this tutorial is for those people who are interested on playing on a certain server without using any paid service or VPN. For example, if you are from East NA, you won’t get West games or vice versa. 1. First, you may need to enable your Firewall on Windows: Go to the search bar, type...
  5. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit - Modifying HWID for Battle.Net

    Here you can change the HWID values for Battle.Net, this should help you avoid the HWID ban, just follow the steps below! 1. Create a new text file on your desktop. 2. Copy and paste the following into it: @ECHO OFF taskkill /F /IM "Agent.exe" taskkill /F /IM "" reg delete...
  6. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit - BUG & ERROR FIXES

    Here you can find solutions to common problems that may occur while using Critical Hit. Didn't find a solution for your problem? Make a ticket on our forum and support staff will help you! > "Q: Failed to start. ERROR 0xc0000022 or 0xc000000e" A: β€’ Type windows features in your search bar...
  7. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit - How To Import/Export/Delete CH Settings

    Here you will learn how to import, export and delete settings for the Critical Hit cheat. Q: How do I Save, Restore , Reset my settings for CH and where can I find them? A: Before you try to Save, Restore or Reset your settings, make sure CH is not running, press F10 to stop CH and Close...
  8. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit - 6 June Update

    1) Widowmaker math has changed to be similar to others like mccree. 2) Improved projectiles hanzo, ana and roadhog should no longer aim at the floor (sleep dart, hook, arrow) 3) Flickshot has changed to be more legit and uses more robust data for "closest" aim type (just shoot in practice range...
  9. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit - FAQ

    Q: How to get special roles? (CH FRENS, CH ROYAL MEMBER ETC) A: Participate in the events that Critical Hit makes and get the opportunity to get one of the roles, each of the roles provides its own benefits and bonuses! Just check our Announcements. Q: Is it possible to get Critical Hit Sub for...
  10. Mitarashii

    Critical Hit - How To Use

    BEFORE USING THIS GUIDE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING IN THE "PRE INSTALLATION PHASE" GUIDE! This guide is for launching Critical Hit. REGISTER - (if you are not registered on the forum, then do it right now, the forum is full of information, you can also chat here, find friends...