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SUPPORT RULES - Mitarashii - 09-03-2021

Support Rules :

Rule #1: You should not be rude and offend the customer or joke about his mistakes if something does not work out for him.
Comment: People are different, someone understands PC well, and someone is very bad, regardless of this, you must behave professionally comic behavior is appropriate if the user is joking with you.

Rule #2: If you have any business with the IRL, then you are obliged to warn your Moderator or Fanny personally.
Comment: Otherwise your absence will be considered that you are simply shirking from work.


Rule #4: What if I see someone breaking the rules?
  1. If a person has violated a non-critical rule, then just warn him in private messages and delete his message.
  2. If a person has violated a critical rule or he's doing it again, then ban it and write the reason for the ban.
If you doubt which case this person belongs to, then ask your Moderator or Admin personally and We'll decide what to do.

Rule #5: Behave respectfully towards your staff and to forum users (including supports)

Rule #6: If there is a critical situation on the forum or someone offends you (DM) or something else, then contact your Moderator or Fanny.

Rule #7: Do not get fooled by provocations of people in the chat.
Comment: You are our employee and you must behave professionally and correctly.

Rule #8: Do not ban/kick users due to personal feelings.
Comment: If it is confirmed, they are not eligible for application.

Rule #9: Always write the reason for ban so that we don't check and cancel it.

Rule #10: The authority of unban users is only for Admin and Moderator.

The rules may change or new ones will appear.
Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility.